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Equal prize money for equal achievement

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Federal Chancellor Scholz meets leading members of the DFB Equal prize money for equal achievement

Federal Chancellor Scholz met with DFB President Bernd Neuendorf, DFB Vice President Célia Šašić and DFB director Oliver Bierhoff – to discuss, among other things, equal payment for women and men in the German national football teams.

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Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a visit to the DFB, in the women’s changing rooms with Célia Šašić, Vice President of the German Football Association (DFB) for diversity and plurality.

The vice president of DFB and former national footballer Célia Šašić leads Federal Chancellor Scholz through the changing rooms.

Photo: Federal Government/Kugler

For many years, the female national football team was in the shadow of the male national football team. In the past, despite many excellent achievements, these achievements have not been financially acknowledged to nearly the same extent as those of the men.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz takes a special interest in promoting equal treatment of women and men in our society. This also applies to sport, and particularly to the national teams which represent Germany impressively with their sporting successes. The female players deserve more attention and respect – not least due to their magnificent success at the European Championship. Visibility, equal opportunities and genuine acceptance result in a higher status for women’s football in Germany. The perceptible euphoria caused by the European Championship should generate an optimistic mood which will benefit lots of young girls and women.

Discussion of equal prize money is necessary

The Federal Chancellor made it clear early on why a movement towards equal prize money for female and male players in the national teams is important, for example in the World and European Championships. “The same payment for the same achievement is, in my opinion, a strong form of acknowledgement of sporting success,” said Federal Chancellor Scholz. He therefore thinks it important to address the topic of equal pay in football with the DFB promptly. The Federal Chancellor and the heads of the DFB therefore arranged to meet at the Women’s European Championship.

The meeting at the German Football Association (DFB) in Frankfurt am Main on Tuesday was intended as an initial discussion of possible solution options which would appropriately reflect the justified interests of the female players. After the meeting, the Federal Chancellor stressed: “The European championship and the final in Wembley have generated widespread enthusiasm for the football played by the women who represented our country with very great success. Of course, we also discussed the question of how to provide more support in order to get more girls and women interested in football. The prize money at such tournaments obviously plays an important part in this.”

Federal Chancellor Scholz said that his position was well known: he regards this as a political issue, as opposed to the pay negotiations conducted elsewhere by successful players of both genders. It therefore made sense to discuss equal prize money, he said. He expressed his gratitude for the willingness to consider how this should happen in the future.

The DFB is open to debate about the prize money system

DFB (German Football Association) president Neuendorf said: “I am, at least, willing to discuss in our committees with the representatives of both national A teams whether our prize money system, which has grown up over the decades, is still in keeping with the times (...) or whether it can be adapted. However, it should also be noted that the markets are still very different, even though the activity is the same. We need better youth development for lasting success.”

Federal Chancellor Scholz and DFB President Neuendorf agreed to continue discussing the important topic of equal pay. The Federal Chancellor also takes a particular interest in seeking a prompt dialogue with the players and team of trainers headed by Federal Trainer Voss-Tecklenburg. He invited them to the Chancellery for this purpose.

The term “equal pay” generally refers to equality of pay between women and men.