Iran called on to de-escalate the situation

Syria conflict Iran called on to de-escalate the situation

The confrontation between Israel and Iran is further worsening the Syrian conflict. The German government has thus called on Iran "to abandon its aggressive stance towards Israel and to renounce its aggressive policy vis à vis the state of Israel," reported federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert.

"As you know, the German government has repeatedly pointed out that Israel is entitled to protect itself against attack. It has also repeatedly expressed its concern that Iran’s military engagement in Syria and Lebanon, in particular the militias it controls, is leading to a dangerous escalation in the Syrian civil war itself," said government spokesperson Steffen Seibert at the government press conference.

Although Israel has invoked its right to self-defence, the German government does not have any independent information. It is thus impossible to judge the legal situation, stressed a spokesperson from the Federal Foreign Office.

On Saturday Israel’s air force flew a series of airstrikes against Syrian and Iranian positions, according to the Israeli military. Earlier, an Israeli fighter jet came under anti-aircraft fire over Syrian territory, and crashed on Israeli territory.

Concern about developments in Syria

Only last week the Syrian regime and the Russian air force flew major airstrikes in the Syrian province of Idlib and the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus, killing at least 56 people and injuring another 180.

In response, the Federal Foreign Office demanded an immediate end to the airstrikes on civilians carried out by the Syrian government and its backers. Although both areas are part of what is termed de-escalation zones, there is no sign of de-escalation or any reduction in tensions. Humanitarian access must be ensured across the board with no conditions attached, said a spokesperson.