Heil woos skilled workers in Brazil

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Fair migration Heil woos skilled workers in Brazil

There is a shortage of skilled workers in many parts of Germany. In contrast, skilled professionals in Brazil often have to search for a job. Federal Employment Minister Heil issued a joint statement of intent with his Brazilian counterpart Marinho on fair migration, and one industry in particular is the subject of great interest.

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Federal Employment Minister Heil on a visit to a training centre for nursing staff in Brazil.

Federal Employment Minister Heil meets trainee nurses at a Catholic university in Brasilia. “We are looking for helping hands in many sectors,” he said.

Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Annette Riedl

A joint statement signed by Federal Employment Minister Heil and his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Marinho sets out to create fair and simplified structures while promoting the two-way exchange of skilled workers. While on a visit to Brazil, Heil said it was important to him that everyone should benefit from the issue of skilled worker migration. “The people who come to us to work with us need fair conditions,” he said. He also stressed that the country they left to come to Germany should also benefit.

Germany needs immigrants

Germany needs more skilled workers from abroad. The Federal Government has therefore introduced a new Skilled Workers Immigration Act. The act is designed to make it easier for skilled workers to migrate to Germany. “We are creating a modern immigration law for the labour market of the future,” Heil said. Through this act, the Federal Government is simplifying the immigration procedure so that more people choose to take up jobs in Germany.

Alongside questions of attracting and securing adequate numbers of skilled workers, Heil’s first meeting with the Brazilian Employment Minister Marinho also covered human rights and good work in global value creation chains. The agenda also included a look forward to next year, when Brazil takes over the G20 presidency.

Making the most of potential at home

From tradespeople to bakers and carers, more and more sectors in Germany are experiencing shortages of skilled workers. The Federal Government’s primary focus to combat this is on domestic potential by introducing a training guarantee and boosting vocational training. At the same time, it intends to increase the number of women in employment and make better use of the potential of older workers. That said, these measures alone will not be enough to fill the demographic gap in the labour market.