Further stabilising Iraq

Bundeswehr foreign missions Further stabilising Iraq

German troops will continue to be deployed in Iraq. The Bundeswehr is to help fight IS terrorists and to fully stabilise Iraq. The Cabinet has decided to extend the mandate. This must still be approved by the German Bundestag.

Bundeswehr soldier and Kurdish Peshmerga troops during an exercise at Bnaslawa training centre near Erbil in Iraq

The Bundeswehr will continue to train Iraqi security forces for the fight against IS terrorists

Photo: picture alliance / dpa

The new mandate for Iraq will run until 31 October 2019, with no changes to the provisions. A maximum of 800 soldiers can be deployed.

The Bundeswehr mission is based on the right to collective self-defence pursuant to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter within the scope of relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions, in particular 2249 (20 November 2015).

Building Iraqi security forces

The Bundeswehr mission will support the international anti-IS coalition and continue to fight the IS in Syria and Iraq. Aerial refuelling and Tornado and AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) reconnaissance flights will also be continued.

The mission also aims to enable Iraqi forces to guarantee security independently in the country. To this end the Bundeswehr is providing capacity building services in Iraq, in response to a request lodged by the Iraqi government and in agreement with the latter.

Military and development action

The German government will also continue to pursue a comprehensive, joined-up approach, in which foreign-policy, development-policy, security-policy and foreign trade instruments are closely coordinated. The overarching goals are still to achieve a comprehensive political solution that will bring peace to Syria, as well as ensuring economic development in Iraq and continuing the effective fight against IS terrorists.

At the end of August, the German government presented to the German Bundestag a report on the situation in Iraq and Germany’s engagement relative to Iraq. In this report the government laid out the direction of Germany’s engagement for and in Iraq.