Protests in Iran

Freedom of assembly should be respected says Ulrike Demmer

The German government is observing the escalating violence in Iran with concern, in particular reports of deaths and numerous arrests. "We call on the government in Teheran to respect freedom of assembly and freedom of opinion," said deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer.

It is with concern that the government is following developments in Iran,said deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer on Wednesday at the government press conference. The German government calls on the government in Teheran to uphold freedom of assembly and freedom of opinion.

In the view of the German government it is legitimate for people to courageously voice their economic and political concerns in public, and this ought to be respected, stated Ulrike Demmer. This is what is currently happening in Iran.

In Iran anti-government protestors have been taking to the streets for one week now. At least 20 lives have been lost during the protests. Several hundred demonstrators have been arrested.

Readiness to engage in dialogue

The Iranian government, continued the government spokesperson, should "respond to the ongoing protests by expressing its readiness to engage in dialogue". If individuals exploit the protests to perpetrate acts of violence the state should respond proportionately, in line with the rule of law.

On New Year’s Day Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs SigmarGabriel also commented on events in Iran. He urged the Iranian government to respect the demonstrators’ freedom of assembly and their right to give voice to their opinions freely and peacefully.