Against the will of the people

Elections in Venezuela Against the will of the people

The German government has called for the immediate release of two opposition politicians in Venezuela. In this context, deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer criticised President Nicolás Maduro for the escalation of violence following the controversial election to a constituent assembly.

The situation in Venezuela has escalated further following serious rioting last weekend that left at least another 15 people dead and many more injured. Hundreds were arrested, reported deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer at the government press conference.

Against the will of the majority

"With the election to the constituent assembly, the government of Venezuela has ignored the will of the large majority of the population, and has enforced its will with violent means," said the deputy government spokesperson. The government of Venezuela has also ignored the recommendations of the United Nations and numerous representatives of the international community.

During and after voting there were numerous deaths, as well as arrests, break-ins and threats issued against dissidents. The constituent assembly has been established without a national consensus using violent means. Ulrike Demmer said that it cannot "thus claim any legitimacy in the view of the German government".

Call for the release of opposition politicians

The German government believes that President Nicolás Maduro has "once again demonstrated that holding on to power is more important to him than the wellbeing of his own people". The arbitrary arrest of opposition politician Leopoldo López and the Mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, mark "another all-time low in Venezuela", criticised the spokesperson. The two men had worked peacefully for the democratic development of the country, she said.

The German government demands their immediate release, along with the release of others imprisoned for exercising their democratic rights.