The Federal Government extends the deployment of the Federal Armed Forces in Mali for the final time

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Federal Armed Forces personnel in Camp Castor in Gao

The Federal Armed Forces in Mali: anywhere up to 1400 soldiers may be deployed.

Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Kay Nietfeld

What steps has the Federal Government taken?

The Federal Government has decided to extend the mandate for the participation of Federal Armed Forces in the "multidimensional integrated stabilisation operation in Mali" (Minusma) under the auspices of the United Nations for a final period of twelve months until 31 May 2024. Up to 1,400 Federal Armed Forces personnel may be deployed, which will ensure operational flexibility as well as the concurrent withdrawal plan. The operational area covers the entire national territory of Mali.

Why will the German troops be withdrawn at the end of May 2024?

The "Minusma" mission is increasingly facing challenges resulting from the changing political framework conditions in Mali and the discontinuation of international counter-terrorism missions. The UN is reviewing the contribution of the "Minusma" operation against this backdrop, which means that adjustments to the mandate are to be expected. The Federal Government's decision to submit a proposal to the Bundestag to extend the mission for the last time has to be understood in this context.

Does the deployment even need to be extended?

In terms of the further planning of the mission, the United Nations should have certainty even without German participation, and extending the deployment period until the end of May 2024 will create the necessary conditions for this. The schedule also takes account of Mali's timetable for the political transition process, which includes the presidential elections to be held on 4 February 2024.

What will the withdrawal process look like and what changes will that mean for the Federal Armed Forces?

The planned return of Federal Armed Forces soldiers and material to Germany will include a successive reduction in the contributions to the "Minusma" operation. The Federal Government will be coordinating this with the United Nations and partner nations on an ongoing basis. Germany will continue to provide isolated contributions to the "Minusma" operation until 2024 with a view to helping to ensure that elections can be held without difficulty,

in addition to which Germany will carry out further measures to adjust its contribution should it prove difficult to continue to supply and protect our Federal Armed Forces soldiers, which could include anything up to and including terminating the deployment ahead of schedule.

What is the legal basis for the deployment of German troops?

The deployment of German forces as part of the "Minusma" operation is based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2100 (2013) and subsequent follow-up resolutions. The Federal Armed Forces are operating in full compliance with the rules of a system of collective security pursuant to Article 24(2) of the Basic Law.

To learn more about the operation, please visit the  Federal Armed Forces website.