"Grounds for cautious optimism"

Chancellor Angela Merkel following the Corona Cabinet "Grounds for cautious optimism"

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on everyone in Germany not to let up in their efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus over the Easter weekend. The latest figures, she said, give grounds for cautious optimism. Now it is important not to become careless, not to think we are safe - "because we could easily destroy everything we have achieved".

Chancellor Angela Merkel gives a statement.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on everyone in Germany to continue to respect the contact restrictions over Easter

Photo: Bundesregierung/Bergmann

After the meeting of what has become known as the Corona Cabinet, Chancellor Angela Merkel gave an update of the situation on Thursday afternoon. "The latest trends in the figures give grounds for cautious optimism," she said at a press conference at the Federal Chancellery. "The curve is flattening slightly and the number of active cases is dropping slightly."

The Chancellor addressed her plea to everyone in Germany to keep rigorously to the rules, regulations and restrictions in place. "In the last few weeks we have demonstrated great strength together. Now as we approach the Easter weekend in particular it is crucial that we do not let up in our efforts," said Angela Merkel. Then, she said, we can manage to defend the country against the virus and we can pass this extremely difficult test.

Watch a video of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement here.