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Digitising Europe Summit Digitising Europa 

"This is about our prosperity tomorrow," declared the Chancellor in her speech at the Digitising Europe Summit in Berlin. Angela Merkel warned of the dangers of over-regulation that would make Europe less attractive as a location for industry. Europe could risk being left behind by the industries of the future because of all its efforts to regulate, she said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks at the Digitising Europe Summit.

"Digitalisation, in the EU too, is always about people - about their dignity, their liberty and their security," declared the Chancellor

Photo: Bundesregierung/Münch

Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her fear that "The sum of all the rules we impose, in the environmental sector and in other areas could result in a body of rules and regulations in which free development is no longer possible on the scale required." And Europe needs to be faster, she said. We cannot afford to wait decades.

Under the banner "The Future of Made in Europe" the Vodafone Institute brought together high-ranking representatives of the realms of business and politics at Berlin’s E-Werk to discuss their vision of a digital Europe.

A degree of impatience is tangible

At the summit, the Chancellor spoke about the pending introduction of the new 5G mobile technology standard. Unfortunately, mobile internet coverage is not always sufficient everywhere in Germany. That is why, on the political side, there is interest in improving internet coverage in Germany with the rollout of 5G.

"It is a struggle. How many conditions do we attach to the auction on the one side, and how much freedom do you retain on the other to invest where you feel investment is necessary," said Angela Merkel with a view to the event organiser, the Vodafone Group.
Angela Merkel is aware of these competing interests. "The debate is currently not only ongoing within the German government. It is being pursued with enthusiasm in the parliamentary setting too. And since we are trailing expectations in some areas with regard to the 50 Megabyte per second links, a degree of impatience is tangible. From this impatience there then come political demands."

The Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications is Vodafone’s European think tank. It analyses the potentials of digital technologies and their responsible use for innovation, growth and sustainable societal impact.