Climate protection – socially fair and sound funding

The central instrument for financing the Climate Action Programme is the special fund called the Energy and Climate Fund (Energie- und Klimafonds). Together with funds from outside the Energy and Climate Fund, the Federal Government is to provide three-digit billion euros for the energy transition and climate protection by 2030. This is to stimulate further investments in climate-friendly measures and support the economy. By 2023 alone, the Federal Government is to invest €54 billion in environmentally-friendly infrastructure, technologies and social equality.

Financial relief for citizens

All proceeds from the Climate Action Programme 2030 – for example, revenue from CO2 pricing – are to be used for climate protection measures and social equality measures, in particular, to reduce the renewable energy levy.

In addition, the Federal Government is to offer financial relief for citizens by increasing the commuting allowance and introducing a mobility premium for low-income earners as well as increasing housing benefits. The Climate Action Programme includes a large number of targeted funding measures – for example, for climate-friendly transport and energy-efficient buildings.