25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty

Milestone on the road to European integration

25 years ago the Maastricht Treaty came into force. It founded the European Union and marked an important step on the way to European unification. What does the Treaty actually say? What are the "Maastricht criteria"? And what has the Treaty done for the people in Germany? Here is an overview.

European flags fly outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

On 1 November 1993 the Maastricht Treaty came into effect, turning the European Community into the European Union

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

On 7 February 1992, European heads of state and government signed the Treaty on European Union in the Dutch town of Maastricht. For Germany, Federal Finance Minister Theo Waigel and Federal Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher were the ones to sign this historic document.

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