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“These games build a home for respect”  

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Federal Chancellor Scholz at the UN General Assembly “Peace without freedom is oppression!”

In his speech to the UN General Assembly in New York, Federal Chancellor Scholz warned against “pseudo-solutions” when seeking peace in Ukraine. He called for adherence to the principles of the UN Charter. When he spoke in New York, the Federal Chancellor also spoke about the global challenges connected to climate protection.

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Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz addresses the SDG Summit.

Invictus Games: Message from the Federal Chancellor “These games build a home for respect”  

The Invictus Games are being held in Düsseldorf from 9 to 16 September. The aim of the Games is to ensure soldiers who are wounded, injured and ill whether in body or mind enjoy greater recognition and acknowledgement in society and more support on their path to rehabilitation. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomes the more than 500 participants to Germany and pays tribute to their courage, as well as to their mental and physical contribution to society.