Federal Government strives to promote de-escalation

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Franco-German Ministerial Council For a strong and sovereign Europe

France and Germany are allies who both share European values. Federal Chancellor Scholz emphasised this fact at the Franco-German Ministerial Council in Schloss Meseberg. He thanked French President Macron for his historic state visit to Germany and said that together, they would continue to support Ukraine and strengthen Europe's security.

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Federal Chancellor Scholz during the Citizens’ Dialogue as part of the celebration of democracy.

Following Iran’s attack against Israel Federal Government strives to promote de-escalation

Following Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel’s national territory, the Federal Government is making every effort to prevent a conflagration in the Middle East. Federal Chancellor Scholz spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on the phone on Sunday. At the European Council meeting, Scholz and his European counterparts initiated new EU sanctions against Iran.