wirksam regieren - Mit Bürgern für Bürger

With citizens for citizens

wirksam regieren in context

Wirksam regieren is flanked by various other efforts by the Federal Government to steer government activity towards giving citizens’ viewpoints priority and to reduce bureaucracy for citizens and companies.

This includes the amtlich einfach initiative. Its aim is to significantly improve interactions with the public administration for citizens and companies. To this end, the Federal Statistical Office has been polling citizens and companies since 2015 on their satisfaction with public services. Important life events such as entering a marriage or civil partnership, the birth of a child, the death of a relative, moving house or vehicle registration are addressed. Companies can comment on the recruitment of employees, job security and health protection, for example. In total, the Federal Statistical Office is evaluating satisfaction with public service provision in 32 of these life events.

Citizens scored the services at an average of 1.06 on a scale of -2 (very unsatisfied) to +2 (very satisfied) in more than 7,000 interviews. Ccompanies scored services at an average of 0.94 in more than 1,800 interviews.

Both, for citizens and for companies, the clarity of forms and the clarity of the law were ranked last. Several wirksam regieren projects are addressing this issue. Experts in the ministries are working together with experts from wirksam regieren. Together with citizens, legal language is evaluated and forms are tested for their clarity and user-friendliness.

You can find out more about the amtlich einfach survey at www.amtlich-einfach.de.