Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel answers your questions


The Federal Government’s digital open day Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel answers your questions

You asked, the Chancellor answered – here and today at the Federal Government’s digital open day. Topics include the COVID‑19 pandemic, climate protection, gender equality and more. Listen in!

An overview of your questions

👉Why is there no large panel of experts to help tackle COVID‑19? (from minute 00:15)

👉Most of the infections occur in the private sphere. Why did restaurants, etc. have to close? (from minute 01:10)

👉When there is a vaccine, who should or can be vaccinated? (from minute 03:59)

👉What will be done in future in German nursing care sector to improve the situation for employees? (from minute 05:44)

👉Why do you never ask the German people before you make decisions!? (from minute 07:33)

👉Why doesn’t the government do more for climate protection? (from minute 09:05)

👉Why is the CO2 carbon tax still being increased from 2021? (from minute 12:25)

👉What are the plans for the near future for expanding networks? (from minute 14:09)

👉What political action do you still  intend to take to promote women’s equality? (from minute 15:34)

👉What is everyday life like as Federal Chancellor? (from minute 18:12)