New Infection Protection Act to come into force

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Bundesrat votes in favour of amending the law New Infection Protection Act to come into force

The 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) is to be extended, testing requirements at hospitals and care homes are to be expanded and a work-from-home mandate is to be re-imposed: the new Infection Protection Act continues to allow uniform protective measures to be imposed on a nationwide basis to combat the coronavirus. The legislative package was approved by the Bundesrat in a special session.

1 Min. Lesedauer

The Bundesrat has approved the new Infection Protection Act passed by the Bundestag the previous day. The amendment enables uniform coronavirus protection measures to be imposed throughout the country, even after the declaration of the epidemic situation of national importance expires on 25 November.

New measures complement established regulations

Some new regulations are to be introduced. In future, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) will apply at the workplace as well as on buses and trains. In hospitals and at preventive care and rehabilitation facilities, mandatory testing for employees and visitors is to be extended. The issue and use of false health certificates will be a punishable offence.

Numerous familiar protective measures such as mandatory masks and distancing rules can remain in place. Employees are also to return to working from home wherever possible. Social and economic safety nets have been extended. Depending on infection figures, federal states can still impose measures such as 3G, 2G and 2G plus test. However, the legislative package does not allow curfews or bans on accommodation to be imposed, nor does it permit the extensive, blanket closure of shops, schools, restaurants or sports facilities.

The regulations are to apply nationwide until 19 March 2022. A three-month extension is possible.