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Better regulation Cabinet paves the way for further burden reduction with new Work Programme

The Cabinet today adopted the 2016 Work Programme on Better Regulation. With its more than 30 new steps and projects, the aim is to further reduce red tape. more

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The Government programme The programme in brief

The Better Regulation Unit at the Federal Chancellery coordinates and oversees the implementation of the Federal Government’s programme for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation. more

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The EU and OECD International bodies

European law is either directly or indirectly applicable in Germany. Indirectly applicable law does not enter into force until it is transposed by the national legislative actors. more

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compliance costs What costs do laws generate?

What costs do laws generate? For every new law, the ministries assess its compliance costs for citizens, business and the administration. The legislature is thus able to consider the implications of the law when deciding whether to pass it. The way in which these compliance costs are calculated is described in a mandatory guideline. more

Better regulation/ bureaucracy cost index

Compliance costs for business Bureaucracy Cost Index introduced

One of the aims of the programme for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation is to keep administrative burdens for business permanently low. To this end, a Bureaucracy Cost Index has been introduced; this index shows how the administrative burden for business develops over the course of time. more

Better regulation/ legal frameworks

Legal framework Better regulation

Since the 16th legislative term, the participation of the independent National Regulatory Control Council in the preparation of Federal Government regulatory initiatives has been compulsory. more

Federal Government introduces rules to limit red tape

Reducing red tape for business Federal Government introduces rules to limit red tape

The Federal Government’s rules to limit red tape for business entered into force on 1 July 2015. The aim is to permanently limit the regulatory burden on business. more

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