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Familie Zeddies aus Wismar

Better Regulation

The Better Regulation Unit at the Federal Chancellery coordinates and oversees the implementation of the Federal Government’s programme for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation. more: Better Regulation …

Fahne der Europäischen Union


The European Union is a unique union with 27 member states at this time. It has brought Europe peace, liberty, democracy and prosperity. Germany in particular, at the heart of Europe, benefits from the European Union. more: Europe …

Rose on a gravestone

Remembrance and commemoration

There will be a number of opportunities to remember the victims of the two world wars and the Holocaust. They will also give us occasion to consider how invaluable it is that Europe has overcome the age of dictatorships. more: Remembrance and commemoration …

Leave with drops of water


Sustainable development in Germany is a fundamental principle of the German government’s policies. The National Sustainability Strategy lays out specific tasks and objectives, thus creating genuine prospects for Germany. more: Sustainability …

Internationales Deutschlandforum - für Player, kein 3:2 Format

International German Forum

With the International German Forum, the Federal Chancellor has created a format for international exchange on globally relevant future related issues. more: International German Forum …