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Chancellor Merkel sitting in a semicircle with panel members during the discussion

Civil20 Dialogue Forum Globalisation is workable

On Monday international representatives of NGOs handed over their recommendations for shaping globalisation to the Federal Government. The Federal Chancellor thanked them for their hard work: "I believe that even in such difficult international times we have the chance to move forward if we work together." more

Paris Agreement We must pool forces to mitigate climate change says Chancellor

Chancellor Angela Merkel regrets the decision of the USA to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which she described as a cornerstone of cooperation among all the countries of our world, speaking on Friday in Berlin. more

A coast buried under mounds of waste

G20 conference Alliance to reduce marine litter

The G20 states have undertaken to reduce the amount of waste in the world’s rivers and wastewater, and thus reduce the level of waste in our oceans. Meeting in Bremen the G20 states have adopted an action plan to address the problem of marine litter. more

Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks at the annual meeting of the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable strategies and action called for Less than 5,000 days to go

Speaking at the annual meeting of the German Council for Sustainable Development, the Chancellor has called on everybody to act in order to achieve sustainability. The word ‘sustainability’ is on everybody’s lips, said, but there are less than 5,000 days to go until 2030, the cut-off point of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. more

A view of the conference room: the opening speech of Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks

Petersberg Dialogue "Climate action concerns all of us," says Chancellor

"We share a common fate," declared Chancellor Angela Merkel on the second day of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue. Representatives of 35 states are currently in Berlin to discuss how the Paris Agreement on climate change can be effectively implemented. more