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Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes Giuseppe Conte

Merkel meets Conte in Berlin Solidarity on the issue of refugees

Germany and Italy want to work together closely on migration policy. This was emphasised by Federal Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Conte before joint talks in Berlin. Among other things, both called for better protection of the EU’s external borders. more

Press  conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Chancellor in Berlin European response to illegal migration

European migration policy was at the heart of the meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Austrian counterpart in Berlin. There is a will, “to work closely with Austria and contribute to making Europe stronger and more united,” said Angela Merkel. more

Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Europaforum hosted by public broadcaster WDR

Angela Merkel at WDR's Europaforum Europe - unity and solidarity

What sort of Europe do we want? How are the reforms of Economic and Monetary Union progressing? What about common foreign, asylum and migration policy, rational development policy and moves to combat terrorism? more

The Chancellor at the lectern

The future of the European Union "Europe is at a crossroads"

Chancellor Angela Merkel has presented her plans for the future of the European Union. She urged that the EU enforce its shared values and convictions resolutely. Europe, she said, is at a crossroads. "If we stand still, we will be ground down by vast global structures." more

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Portugal's Prime Minister António Costa at a joint press conference

Angela Merkel in Lisbon Driving Europe forward

In Lisbon, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister António Costa were united in their unequivocal commitment to Europe. At the close of the Chancellor’s two-day visit to Portugal, they discussed the challenges facing Europe. more

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