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Steel works

US plans import tariffs German government advocates free trade

The German government rejects the tariffs on imported steel and aluminium planned by the US President. This would have a significant impact on German industry, said federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert. It is not isolationism but free trade and open markets that are the right way forward, he said. more

Training Afghan troops to defuse bombs. A German Bundeswehr soldier watches as Afghan soldiers explain to their comrades how to use metal detectors.

Cabinet extends mandate Bundeswehr to remain in Afghanistan

The German government has extended the mandate covering the deployment of German troops in Afghanistan until 31 March 2019. Up to 1,300 soldiers, as compared to the current ceiling of 980, will in future train and advise the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces. more

A soldier and her child look at a globe.

Cabinet Bundeswehr foreign missions extended

The Bundeswehr will continue to be involved in international foreign missions. The Cabinet has extended the mandates for missions in Mali, South Sudan and Darfur, and in the Mediterranean. In the field of security policy, Germany stands for reliability. more

Bundeswehr mandate for Iraq A contribution to stabilisation

The German government is to extend the deployment of armed German troops in Iraq. The soldiers are helping carry forward the fight against IS terrorists and stabilise Iraq as a whole. more

Nuclear weapons in Russia Security policy gives cause for concern

The German government is concerned by the news of the introduction and development of new weapons systems in Russia. In his state of the nation speech, President Vladimir Putin also presented new nuclear weapons. Concern is spreading, as doubts are raised about compliance with international arms control agreements. more

Civil war in Syria UN Security Council Resolution must be implemented immediately

The Chancellor and the US President have called for a complete and immediate implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution on a cessation of hostilities in Syria. The Syrian regime and its allies must end their attacks on Eastern Ghouta, they declared. more