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A family with three children look through a window.

Child benefit for citizens of other EU states Entitlement to child benefit is generally valid

EU citizens who work or live in Germany, generally receive standard German child benefit for their children, even if the children live in their home country. This fact has triggered debate over abuse of the child benefit system. But the situation is not as dramatic as it is sometimes portrayed. more

Screenshot of the "Rumours about Germany. Facts for Migrants" website

Refugees and asylum Facts not false promises

The Federal Government's "Rumours about Germany" information campaign can now give potential refugees and migrants a realistic picture about Germany in Dari, too. The campaign website ( pools all the relevant information and uses facts to debunk widespread rumours about Germany. more

Official photo of the G20 agriculture ministers at their meeting in Buenos Aires

Meeting of G20 Agriculture Ministers "A breakthrough for agriculture," says Klöckner

The agriculture ministers of the G20 countries affirmed their commitment to open and World Trade Organization (WTO) rule-based trade. One of the priorities at their meeting in Argentina was achieving a sustainable food future. Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner called the meeting a "breakthrough". more

 US President Donald Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, speak about trading relations at a press conference held in the White House's Rose Garden.

Transatlantic economic relations The two sides move closer together in trade conflict

The German government welcomes the fact that the EU and the USA have moved closer together in the trade conflict. In Washington D.C. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and President Donald Trump agreed that no new tariffs would be imposed while negotiations are ongoing. The threatened tariffs on imported vehicles have thus been averted for the time being. more