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Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde at the press conference

Global economic organisations visit Berlin Support for G7 and G20

Sustainable global economic development can only be achieved through cooperation, declared Chancellor Angela Merkel following a meeting with high-ranking representatives of the five international economic and financial organisations in Berlin. more

Press  conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Chancellor in Berlin European response to illegal migration

European migration policy was at the heart of the meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Austrian counterpart in Berlin. There is a will, “to work closely with Austria and contribute to making Europe stronger and more united,” said Angela Merkel. more

G7 summit participants

Germany at the G7 summit For free trade and multilateralism

At the G7 summit in Canada, Chancellor Angela Merkel advocated, above all, free trade and multilateralism. She also called for "significant progress" to be made on implementing the Minsk agreements. more

Angela Merkel at WDR's Europaforum Europe - unity and solidarity

What sort of Europe do we want? How are the reforms of Economic and Monetary Union progressing? What about common foreign, asylum and migration policy, rational development policy and moves to combat terrorism? more

Germany in the UN Security Council More responsibility in the world

Germany has been elected to the United Nations Security Council again for a period of two years, as a non-permanent member. The majority of UN member states voted for Germany. Germany’s main concern is to accept responsibility in order to resolve crises in the world peacefully. more