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Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Merkel meets Orbán Important partner in protecting external borders

During the Hungarian Prime Minister’s visit, the Chancellor emphasised Hungary’s importance in protecting the external Schengen borders. At the same time, Merkel appealed for humanity in dealing with migrants. "Isolation" is not the way forward. more

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel at the start of a work session in conversation with Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä and Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

European Council in Brussels Unity on migration

The heads of state and government of the EU have agreed on a solution for migration. They are planning reception centres inside and outside of the EU - on a voluntary basis. Germany has a reached a political agreement with Greece and Spain on the repatriation of migrants. more

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks in the Bundestag.

Chancellor on the Budget Germany's future - connected with Europe

Germany's future is closely connected with Europe, the global order and the question of how we manage digitalisation, said Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. During her budget speech in the Bundestag, she spoke about migration, digital infrastructure and the first 100 days in office of the Federal Government. more

Merkel receives May Close cooperation despite Brexit

Germany and the United Kingdom should "remain closely connected", even after the country leaves the EU. This was emphasised by Federal Chancellor Merkel during a visit by British Prime Minister May in Berlin. The negotiations are now entering a decisive phase. more

Change on 1 July Austria takes over Presidency of the Council of the EU

On 1 July, Austria takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In the next six months, the country will put the following topics in focus: security and migration, securing competitiveness through digitalisation, and stability in the neighbourhood. more